DMPL is a very simple programming language. It’s good for beginners and it’s usable in larger applications. Generated code is open like DMPLs source. To download compiler go to the main project page and click on the green download button on the right. The best way how to download it is to save it on your main disc (such as “C”). Then, for accessibility create a shortcut on your command line on your desktop and as the arguments add the path of compiler.


Writing your first code: “Hello World”

The first command what you should learn is command “display”. The command is usable for displaying text, numbers, booleans or variable content on screen in console mode. In DMPL there’s no starting method. Open your favorite text editor and write in the first line this code: “display Hello World!!!”. The first word is a command, the second is the argument. In this code, argument of command “display” is string “Hello World!!!”. Save the code as DMPL file (“.dmpl”) in the same directory as the compiler. Then run command line and go to compilers directory. Write this text into command line: “DMPL.exe –sc yourcodefilename.dmpl –bc none”. Then press enter. As you can see, the program will display your string, or it will report you an error.

Congratulations! You have created your first program! (If you have any problems, write to issue tracker or discussions).

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