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How to debug your source in DMPL

NOTE: If you don’t know how to create application in DMPL, read this tutorial

(For this solution you must have added DMPL.exe in System Variables)
  1. Run command line.
  2. Go to folder with your code
  3. write "DMPL.exe". Then write:
    1. "-sc sourcepath_from_corrent_dir\sourcefile.dmpl" for setting up sourcefile with your code. Default name is source.dmpl
    2. "-ex exportpath_from_current_dir\exportfile.exportext" for setting up exportfile where will be the code generated (if file does not existst, it will be create, else file content will be changed) Default name is export.txt.
    3. "-bc bytecode" for setting up the bytecode. Default is "php". We are currently working on C++.

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